Once You Go Tentacles, You Never Go Back?

Yes, I'm still being very naughty spending more times playing games and pleasuring myself than writing. Terrible, I know, but the heat builds up in a hurry when you're writing smut. Sometimes you just have to relieve the pressure or else you'll get nothing done.

Since publishing the Suckers series, I've been sitting on my lily white laurels wondering where to go from here. I'm sure there are more Suckers series to be seduced from the depths of my wicked mind, but I prefer them to peek to the surface of their own accord.

Where do I go from here? Can I move to another genre or will that be jolting to people who have read my work and like it? Or will they like seeing something new from me?

I'm probably just over-thinking it as usual, but here I am doing it anyway. I do have some contemporary stories rolling around in my mind including a seven part series instead of the standard three. Oh, baby. I get all tingly just thinking about it.

I don't think I'm done with the tentacles and I certainly don't think they're done with me. I think we're both just going to enjoy the afterglow for now....